Girls smiling at playground

The Girl Fund

It’s time to tear down the barriers that prevent girls from getting an education.

Since 2011, the imagine1day Girl Fund has been getting more girls into school by tackling outdated cultural values like early marriage, creating female role models and building safe learning environments. We do this through community awareness, Girls Clubs in schools, and gender-segregated latrines.

With your support, we will work with communities to:

    • create and support in-school Girls Clubs, so young students can advocate for female education
    • run female-specific enrollment drives to reach girls still out of school,
    • develop community-based strategies to end harmful traditional practices including early marriage, female genital mutilation, and abduction,
    • educate influential community leaders on the importance of female education, and
    • create village-led campaigns to push for gender equality.

60% of Ethiopia’s out–of-school children are girls. For every year a girl is in school, they will earn 20% higher wages later in life. Their families will be better off, as women invest 90% of their income into families – three times as much as men. And their country will be transformed, with the economy estimated to grow by US$4 billion if every Ethiopian girl was educated.

With your support, we can give girls the education they deserve. We can transform women, families and a nation.


Your donation will help us empower and educate girls across Ethiopia.


The Girl Fund supports girls in Oromia and Tigray.