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Stopping a school from disappearing

Each year, the school in Awash Kolati disappears—washed away in Ethiopia’s annual floods. Each time, the community gathers to rebuild. This is their journey to a permanent solution.

When 25-year-old Mustepha Birka first heard that he was being transferred to Awash Kolati Primary School to become its principal in 2013, he considered quitting the teaching profession instead of taking up his new post.

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“A drought won’t stop us”

Students in their new classrooms at Maykuho School

Maykuho School sits amid a drought-stricken landscape. The nearby river remains historically low. Boxes of emergency food rations can be found in houses throughout the community.

Yet, ask the school’s PTA (Parent-Teacher Association) about the impact of the drought, and their response is surprisingly stoic.

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