imagine1day, EAC, LEAP“It doesn’t seem that it has been only two weeks since Madivo started a class. She is an incredibly active and quick learner. The fact that she is keen and confident has helped her a lot to easily catch up,” says Genet, Madivo’s teacher.

Madivo Aliyi, 9 years old, has never been to school until imagine1day embarked Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) in Meda IDP site with its ‘Bete’ project. She now is one of the 150 ALP program learners on the site.
Madivo says, “I am happy I am provided a new bag, exercise books, pen, and pencil. I like coming to school a lot – the class is easy as it is given using songs, puzzles, stories, pictures and cards. I want to be a clever student and our teacher, Genet has told us that we need to actively engage in class to become smarter.  That is why I don’t want to miss participating whenever she asks questions.”

Madivo doesn’t just participate while the teacher is in class, but she tells stories to the rest of the class during breaktime.
Genet says, “Most of the students are good as a matter of the chance but Madivo is different in that she doesn’t get enough of learning. She has consistent commitment and performance throughout the week. She is becoming an inspiration for the rest of the students, particularly for the girls, who used to be shy and less participant relative to other boys the first two to three days. Given the program is integrated with life skill and child protection I truly believe that it will enable her to be the best version of herself.”

Madivo wants to be a pilot when she grows up so that she can take her parents and her nine siblings to the best area to live in.
“I have seen a plane flying in the sky one day and I asked my mom how it flies over there. She told me that it is the pilot who lets it fly and it is the fastest means of transportation used to go to the far areas. I want to be pilot to take my family to beautiful and better area than where we are living now,” says Madivo firmly.