Angetu Primary School“The fact that I can borrow books from the library and read at home while looking after the cattle has helped me a lot in using my time effectively to study. I used to rank 1st in my class at lower grades but since grade 4 I have been ranking 3rd as the class is getting tougher so I need to study more. I believe having the library will enable me to regain my performance,” says Ametu grade six student at Angetu primary school.

Ametu was born and raised in Angetu community. She has 11 siblings and 8 half-siblings – two sisters and 17 brothers. She is the only daughter of her mom and she has a lot to take care of at home as the only girl in the big family.

Ametu says, “My mom tries to support me but she can’t help it – she can’t cover everything. I clean the house, fetch water and cook breakfast before I come to school. I look after the cattle, collect firewood and make coffee when I am back home. Before the library was constructed, I didn’t have the habit of studying while looking after the cattle unless I have homework as I used to feel there is nothing new to read other than what I learn in class. But now I am addicted to reading varied reference books I get from the library.”

Ametu is making the best out of the school construction and water project in Angetu Primary School. She spends every break she has reading books. The high quality classrooms, the gender segregated latrines and the clean water station built have made her school environment attractive and girl friendly.

Angetu Primary School“I like the library the most as I am gaining a lot from it but everything has changed for the better after imagine1day’s intervention. I learn in quality classrooms, I don’t have to fight for a seat anymore and most of all, I don’t have to be absent during my menstruation as there is water and gender segregated latrine to wash and get changed. I thank Costa Foundation, Run for Water and imagine1day for creating this opportunity for me. I want to be a teacher so that I can support female students. I thank imagine1day for creating this opportunity for me,” says Ametu.