An intervention find its way to life-threatening problems of Gende Gara community “I had fainted that I didn’t even remember how I got to the hospital while I wake up after half a day” says Mohammed Hussein grade 8 student at Hulule Mojo primary school.

Mohammed grew up in Gende Gara community where there is no clean water and the community has to drink river water shared with animals. Waterborne disease is a common problem the community had been suffering from.

Mohammed says, “I have frequent stomachache like everybody in my family. Mine is a bit severe for some reason though. It is painful to the extent I can’t even able to attend class sometimes. I fear drinking water except I am very thirsty as I am sick of the pain. But mainly, I hate being absent from school because of diarrhea after drinking the unclean water.”

Mohammed has hospitalized more than twice for typhoid. He had no other option than drinking the unclean water even after these life-risking coincidences of the waterborne disease up until imagine1day’s intervention.

“The clean water project of The Coca-Cola Foundation and imagine1day is the best gift I have ever given. It means everything: my health, my education, my life, like everything. There is no more pain, no more absence from school, or no more worry to drink water. I want to say thank you so much to The Coca-Cola Foundation and imagine1day for the priceless gift that has changed my life,” says beaming Mohammed.

Mohammed ranks first in his class and he wants to be a pilot while he completes his education.

Mohammed says, “Physics, chemistry, and math are my favorite subjects. I have heard that these are what it takes to be a pilot. I will even study hard to perform better. I want to make myself and my family proud being the first pilot in my community.