Imagine1day has identified a critical need to upgrade the school facilities in Anole, in the Oromia Region in southeastern Ethiopia.  We are fundraising for a project to build 8 new classrooms, 2 blocks of gender-segregated latrines, a new library and a new playground will cost over $270,000.  53% of the funds have already been secured from other non-profits and local community partners.

The current situation in Anole is that only 4 of the 12 classrooms meet the minimum government standards and only 35% of the students have desks and the rest sit on stones or the floor.  The current classrooms are dark with no adequate lighting, windows, or ventilation.  The school has no water or sanitation facilities and no library.  The current enrollment rate in Anole for primary school age children is 63% compared with the national average of 94%.  One of the main goals of this project is to reduce the dropout rate from the current 15% to 1.5%.  Education is key to breaking the poverty cycle.

The work is scheduled to take place between January and September 2022. We have a fundraising champion in Vancouver Canada, Wesley Horner, a Grade 12 student at Vancouver College who is working to help raise the remaining funds.  If you would like to help the children and community of 16,000 people in Anole please support this project by donating here.