We are excited to announce a new funding partnership with The Waterloo Foundation, based in the UK. The Waterloo Foundation is committed to funding high-quality education programs in Sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia through its World Development Program grants. The UK100,000 grant will support capacity building in the Dello Mena and Meda Welabu districts of Ethiopia and will leverage matched funding from the Educate a Child Foundation.

Scott Elliot CEO comments; “Capacity building is essential for the sustainability of our projects. Building schools simply isn’t enough. imagine1day ensures that the whole community is engaged and key partners, such as PTA members, Teachers, Principals and religious leaders, receive exceptional training, setting them up for future success. We are delighted that The Waterloo Foundation is supporting our activities in Ethiopia and this grant will help us to provide high-quality education for children throughout the districts.”

The grant from The Waterloo Foundation will support:
  • In depth teacher and principal training to improve teaching standards and quality of education. This includes training teachers in early childhood education, life skills, current teaching methodologies, and an enriched science and arts curriculum.
  • PTA/Centre Management Committee Training – Training in school management and leadership, income generation activities and strategies to enroll and retain out-of-school children.
  • Community Association Leader Training – Training on reducing harmful traditional practices and promoting legal child rights framework.
  • Awareness Creation Campaigns – School Principals will hold open meetings with the community to discuss on the relevance of education, strategies for enrolling out-of-school children and school improvement plans.
  • Project Advisory Council Training – Training the education and other cross-sector district offices on transformational leadership in education, communication and goal setting, project planning, monitoring and evaluation.
  • Experience sharing – Informal gatherings of the community to share their experiences and information relating to education, as well as to discuss as a community any obstacles encountered in bringing education to the children of their communities and how these can be overcome.