As the only daughter of her family, Adi, age 12, has many at-home responsibilities. She must also look after her grandparents. But despite the burden of her family’s belief that she will aspire to nothing more than a housewife, it has not deterred her from her dream.

“My parents weren’t aware of the worth of education in general or of girls’ education in particular. I was always forced to be absent from school for no good reason – just to support the family’s routine while my brothers would regularly attend classes. They would constantly remind me that I would have to get married before I turned 18 anytime I would complain. But I never felt discouraged and I finally won when I convinced them that my education matters just as much as my brothers’ education,” says Adi proudly.

Adi had her teachers convince her parents to let her attend school right through to the end.

Adi says, “My teachers always used to tell me that I will be whatever I want to be. I asked them if they can tell my parents what they have told me as my parents didn’t have the same belief in me or my education. They called my father at the end of the first semester and invited him to attend a recognition ceremony for top-ranking students. I was the only female student to rank first in my class and my dad was so proud when they called out my name. He promised to support me in any way he could and my family has been by my side from that time on.”

Adi with radio for at-home learning

But just when Adi finally earned support from her family around proper education, displacement forced her to quit her schooling altogether. She stayed at home for two years with no access to education. It was imagine1day’s education intervention that reconnected her to her dream once more.

“Thanks to imagine1day, I am so happy to be able to access education at home. My parents are so much more supportive. They give me enough time to study. I like the way the education program is presented and I found it easy to understand. I want to be a pilot and role model to younger girls,” Adi added passionately.