Wesley is a senior school student at Vancouver College in Vancouver, British Columbia. He is volunteering as a social media intern with Imagine1day and got inspired by what he saw to fundraise for a school improvement project in Anole.

Wesley lived in Africa for two months with his family and saw the need for school infrastructure investment first hand. This is what he shared about his time in Africa. “While there I was touched by how warm and welcoming the people were but also disturbed by the abject poverty of people living in townships just next to modern cities. I had seen homeless people before in Vancouver but they were always adults, not young kids. I kept thinking about how my friends and I lived and wondering why I was so lucky. After we returned home I kept seeing the faces of the kids I saw playing in and wondering where are their parents and why aren’t they in school? I made a promise to myself that I would do what I could to help kids who didn’t have the opportunities that I did.”

Wesley loves playing basketball, hiking, and watching football. It is his goal to return to Ethiopia in the summer of 2022 to help work on the Anole school.

The goal of the Anole project is to raise $126,300 which is just shy of half the funds needed; the remainder has been committed by existing I1D partners. Wesley is connecting with people in his community and network, and actively seeking partnerships with community groups and other non-profits. Please consider a donation.

Wesley has already raised over $18,000 for the Anole School Improvement Project. Please consider a donation.