Last week imagine1day received fantastic news: one of our Graduate Fund students was accepted to the Yale Young African Scholars Program.

The son of farmers, Nigus Hagos Kahsay grew up in a village called Sihet, in the Hintalo Wejirat district in Tigray. Three years ago, imagine1day selected him as one of our Graduate Fund students. We gave his family a seed loan and business training to help them start their own income generating activity so that they could put Nigus through high school.

Today, this bright 15-year-old with a 94.4 per cent average is at the top of his Grade 11 class.

Nigus was amongst the 100 students selected to participate in the program.

Thanks to his academic excellence, Nigus was amongst the 100 students selected to participate in the Yale Young African Scholars Program this August. A total of 1,200 outstanding students from 11 African countries applied.

“imagine1day’s support since I was in Grade 9 has helped me to not only compete with my classmates, but also to compete with African students and to be a success,” says Nigus.

During the five-day program this August, Nigus is looking forward to understanding global issues, strategizing solutions, and making a meaningful impact on the development of his country.

“I feel very happy and proud of Nigus,” says Tirhas Desta, our Graduate Fund supervisor. She was so confident in this student that she rushed to help Nigus submit his application with just one week to meet Yale’s deadline. “I appreciate him for his self-discipline and for his commitment. Nigus is brilliant and super talented. He is a great example for other Graduate Fund students. I hope this program will help him succeed in his vision to become a great young leader.”

Nigus’ favourite subject is biology. “My future vision is to become a doctor and to take part in research to invent medicine for HIV/AIDS and other diseases,” he says.

Congratulations, Nigus! We could not be more proud of you. We have no doubt that you will be an exceptional leader in this world one day.